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Persuasive Communication™

With a Ph.D. in Communications, and over thirty years of presenting seminars to a variety of audiences, Dr. Burke’s insight into how to refine your communications skills will help you communicate better, whether to an audience of one or of many.

Her book, the “Science, Art, and Music in Persuasive Communication” describes the impact of these three aspects on how listeners interpret messages. “Crossing the Communication Channel” relates her many observances of how humans fail to communicate clearly. Both books and related videos reveal surprising and humorous examples of how we fail to “Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say” (available June 2020).

How to Convey an Effective Message

Do you have a lot of thoughts but can’t seem to put them together? As the “Thought Connector,” Dr. Burke will help you organize your thoughts to best convey your message to your customers or clients.

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