HOA has done what?

A homeowners association has threatened to fine its residents as much as $250 per day for posting negative comments about the HOA and their neighbors on social media. https://realtybiznews.com/arizona-homeowners-association-threatens-to-fine-members-over-social-media-comments/98757464/

Your thoughts? I know what mine are 🙂

2 thoughts on “HOA has done what?”

  1. My first thought would be to climb down from the roof. Next would be to read the HOA charter and bylaws to determine the association’s authority. If permitted I would petition for a recall of the board’s officers who thought fining association’s fellow property owners for exercising free speech was a good idea.

    The politics of a few strident activists bent on stirring up neighbors is why I don’t live in an HOA controlled neighborhood. They have their attractions. Governance isn’t one of them.


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