Homonym Hints 2

If I can’t figure out which homonym is used for just one meaning (see Homonym Hints 1), then I look to see if a related word will help me know which homonym to use. My mom pointed out to me that stationery, with an “ery,” refers to letters and envelopes, which also have a bunch of “e”s. Stationary, with an “ary,” means to stand or stay in one place – stand and stay are spelled with an “a.” Ah hah! Got it!

Do you have any other homonym hints I can pass on to others?

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  1. this may be more of a spelling hint than a homonym hint, but in the paper making business there is a piece of equipment that squeezes the sheet to get the water out. It’s called a calender and spelled with an ‘e’ at the end.
    for me to remember calendar vs calender i use ‘DAY’ for calendar like the days on a calendar.

  2. Great example, Bill, of a homonym hint to remember the correct spelling of a word that sounds like another word (and yes, we should probably pronounce “er” differently than “ar” at the ends of words, but most of us don’t, so I’m classifying it as a homonym – same sound with different spelling). I didn’t even know there was a word that was spelled “calender”! I’m now ready for that crossword puzzle clue!!
    Thanks for the input!

  3. Hi, Pam.
    That’s a great puzzle! The only thing I can think of is that there is no “seperate” word, but I’m coming up blank with an idea of how to remember that difference. I’m hoping other readers have suggestions. Anyone?

    • I learned that to remember how to spell separate you should always put “a rat” in a separate cage. I do not know why that has stuck with me all of these years, but I do repeat that in my head sometimes when I am typing quickly and I do not want to spell separate incorrectly.

      • Laura, thank you!
        I think that’s brilliant. I’m sure I’ll think of that example from now on (although a rat isn’t exactly on my list of favorite mental images . . . ).


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