Laughs for the New Year – 2023

We all had so much fun chuckling at “oops – wrong word” online communications last year that I thought I’d keep going with some more examples to start off this year. YAY! ANOTHER CONTEST! 😄

Here are the contestants:

  • (From Twitter) – “The Route is on!”
    • I think it should have been “rout,” but maybe the writer meant “route,” like “root”? (Sorry – homonym joke😉)
  • “It’s easiest when you have a property that’s not incumbent by a mortgage,” he explained.
    • Oh, dear, that’s just sad. New Year’s Resolution for this writer – only use big words, like “encumbered,” if you know how to spell and say them . . .
  • (From the MLS) – “The home has New Lipton Impact Windows and Slider to withstand 150 mph winds with beautiful plantations wood shudders throughout.”
    • “Shudders”??? Eek – I’d be afraid to live in that house! 😟
  • (Another from the MLS – what a source of laughs that has been!) – “Fabulous condo for sale – features a large 2 cars garage! New electrical box, roof done in 2016, granite countertops, and water-resistant hardwood laminate will ensure your peace of mind to enjoy a careless living in a great community!”
    • Apparently, not only do you get TWO large cars with your purchase, but you also get to embark on a life of careless living!

HAHA! Happy 2023!!

5 thoughts on “Laughs for the New Year – 2023”

  1. Happy 2013 to All!

    The two big cars are a n incentive for me! And I can live carelessly ever after… Where do I sign? That sure beats living in a home that shudders all the time you’re in it.

    With Florida real estate being what it is, these should be material for a long time to come. Thanks for giving us laughs to ring in the new year!

    • Hey, Cindi! I am counting one vote for the two large cars AND careless living over the shuddering house! We’ll see what the rest of the group says, then have a runoff between 2023 and 2022!
      So far, the MLS has provided the most winners! 😏 (MLS, as in Multiple Listing Service – see Eric’s comment about another MLS 😄)

  2. Tangentially related to MLS – the top division of soccer in the US is called Major League Soccer. Their website, however, is, because MLS was already taken. So their website is “major league soccer”

    • Funny, funny, funny!! Redundancy at its finest!
      That reminds me – I need to post my collection of funny ways that we use the word, “up.” Some of them = “up, up”!

  3. I realized, after talking with a few students, that I had not included what the correct word SHOULD be in the last example. Instead of “careless,” the word should have been “carefree.” Those suffixes are used almost interchangeably in American English but, in this case, would produce very different meanings.
    Discuss among yourselves!


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