You might think that the word “person” is easy to understand but think again! Apparently, some time ago, the legal world decided that persons should refer to businesses, trusts, etc, in addition to people.

Well, then, how do I refer to just people in a legal document? May I say “people”? Don’t be silly; that would be too simple. We have to say natural persons to describe us because businesses, etc, are artificial entities.

Gotta love the law! 🙂

4 thoughts on ““Persons””

  1. I think you meant this comment to be about my “Strange Times” post, but in any case, it is a crack up! I am most curious about your keeping toilet paper in a safe??

  2. We were going to hide the TP in the back yard but we were afraid our neighbors might see. We decided to do it at night but we lost a roll in the dark and of course a predator took it. Then we figured the attic was a good idea, but attic creatures Apparently love TP to make nests and we lost another roll. We decided the back of our junk closet would be a good place, no problem until we tried to find a roll it apparently has gone into a black hole we are still trying to find it our supply was getting low hence the safe.


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