Things That ‘Drive’ Me Crazy

Let’s have a light moment and talk about . . . people :). I think people are funny. The things we say are funny. The things we do are funny. Even when we are trying to do the right thing. But every once in a while, people drive me crazy! Here’s an example.

Drivers in front of me who brake, slow down for a while, start to turn, and THEN turn on their turn signal! Duh! Being the clever person I am, I have already figured out they are going to turn. Perhaps they forgot the purpose of the signal is to provide “advance” warning to other drivers?

Well, I can either laugh or go crazy. Or maybe both . . .

3 thoughts on “Things That ‘Drive’ Me Crazy”

  1. Perhaps the people who drive me more crazy are the ones driving at 50 – 60 mph who don’t use their turn signals at all before they pull over in front of you, slow quickly and proceed to exit! Trying to think up one of those electronic signs:
    Be a thinker;
    Use your blinker!
    Don’t be a stinker;
    Use you blinker!

  2. What drives me crazy is when people in the left lane of a two lane highway travel at the exact same speed as the car in the next lane over and there is a line of cars behind each of the lead cars because no one can pass either lead car. It’s like they are doing it on purpose, just because the can. That drives me absolutely insane!

    P.S. I really like “Be a thinker; use your blinker.”

  3. One of mine, is when you are on a one lane road, you are going 5to 10 miles over the speed limit and the person behind you is honking, weaving in and out and using various hand signals to let you know you are driving way too slow.


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