Word Combinations

The word, “brunch,” is the result of combining two words into one – breakfast and lunch. These word combinations are called “portmanteau” words or “blended” words. I just like to say portmanteau, so I’m going with that one.

Here are some more examples of portmanteau words, taken from “English Language and Usage” on Stack Exchange:

  • Smog = smoke + fog
  • Guesstimate = guess + estimate
  • Chillax = chill + relax
  • Wurly = hair that is both wavy and curly (I’ve never heard of that one)

I thought of this topic because a subscriber told me this story:

She asked her friend what he was doing for his birthday. He said he was going to (what sounded like) London. Wow! she replied. That’s quite a celebration!

He laughed and explained he had said “Lundin,” meaning the combination of Lunch and Dinner. HAH! A big difference!

I always referred to those meals as “Linners.” I kind of like the Lundin (a/k/a London) reference, though.

What word combinations have you heard?

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