Words, Words, Words


January 31, 2023 | 7 Comments

Candy, also called sweets (British English) or lollies (Australian English, New Zealand English) Is February (Valentine’s Day) the month for candy? Or is it October (Halloween)? Or is every month, the month for candy? 😏 One chart I reviewed showed that just before Halloween was the busiest week for candy sales, followed by just before Christmas. The week before Valentine’s…

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“Fingers Crossed”

December 6, 2022 | 0 Comments

Ever been that child who has fingers crossed, hoping that Santa will bring the wished-for gift? I have used this gesture more in 2022 than I ever remember – hoping a student will pass her citizenship test, hoping my plane flight will not be canceled . . . Hoping a LOT of things. The gesture…

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Expressions Using “And”

November 1, 2022 | 0 Comments

I think of November as the Thanksgiving month when people get together, so I thought it would be fitting to publish this post about expressions with two words that are joined by “and.” Some of these words are opposites and some of the words have similar meanings. Here are the ones I thought about. Let…

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October 4, 2022 | 0 Comments

I thought you all would enjoy this list I compiled from a few sources 😀. From posts on Pocket Worthy and Judith Herman on Mental Floss: Here’s an ambiguous sentence for you: “Because of the agency’s oversight, the corporation’s behavior was sanctioned.” Does that mean, “Because the agency oversaw the company’s behavior, they imposed a…

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Word Combinations

August 3, 2022 | 10 Comments

The word, “brunch,” is the result of combining two words into one – breakfast and lunch. These word combinations are called “portmanteau” words or “blended” words. I just like to say portmanteau, so I’m going with that one. Here are some more examples of portmanteau words, taken from “English Language and Usage” on Stack Exchange:…

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July 6, 2022 | 8 Comments

As promised from my June post, this month is more about acronyms (when the first letters of words are combined to become a new “expression”). I decline to call the result a ‘word,’ but that may be my old-fashioned-ness getting in the way 😏. My friend, Stewart, claims that the U.S. military uses more acronyms…

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E _ G (No, the answer isn’t “F”)

June 7, 2022 | 4 Comments

Have you noticed how many medical test acronyms start with E and end with G? I can never keep them straight, so I thought some of you might also have trouble knowing which middle letter goes with which test. These definitions are taken from the Internet, so if anyone sees a change that should be…

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Commonly Misused Or Mispronounced Words

May 3, 2022 | 10 Comments

Misused words or mispronunciation of words can lead to misunderstandings. Here are some examples I have collected through the years. Some are words I have heard spoken; some are words I have seen written; and, of course, some are from friends who know I like this kind of ‘stuff’ 😉. Commonly Misused Words “He is…

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Words Can Hurt

April 5, 2022 | 4 Comments

Do any of you remember when parents told their kids that “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me”? I know they were just trying to make us feel better, although words can hurt. The recent Oscars ceremony just emphasized that issue. I didn’t see the event in real time,…

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Fill In or Fill Out?

March 1, 2022 | 6 Comments

My Adult Literacy League students ask the best questions! Here is one from my most recent ESL (English as a Second Language) student: “What is the difference between ‘fill in’ and ‘fill out’?” Of course, I gave her my usual response to these questions: “Umm . . .” I had to think about all of…

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