Cliche Corner – Food

In honor of the amount of food we all might be enjoying during the upcoming holidays, here are some expressions that mention food.

“Not worth a hill of beans.” (Not sure I want to know the meaning behind this one)

“Don’t fall off of the apple cart.” (Huh? 😕)

“She’s the apple of my eye.” (This one seems odd – shiny??)

“His jokes are corny.” (I have no idea!)

“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” (I think this expression means that if you put all of your eggs – which could bring you money – into one basket and then drop that basket so that the eggs break, you’ll lose everything. Therefore, don’t pin all of your hopes/dreams on one event/person, etc.)

“You’re a peach.” (I guess because peaches are pretty? Or nice?)

“Gave him the raspberry.” (I know what this sounds like, but why a raspberry?)

What do you think is the origin of any of these sayings? Can you think of any more?

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