Laughs for the New Year

Happy New Year, everyone. At least, I hope so!

To get us started on a not-so-serious track, I am holding a contest for the funniest typo of 2021. We looked at several in October – based on the number of comments received, the winner from that post was the “Walking Closet” example. Several of you thought the idea might be very helpful :).

So, I’m taking that winner from the first half of 2021 and putting it into a contest with these three, in order of when I received them (thank you, auto-correct! 😉).

  • “I saw cars going slowly by in front of the neighbor’s house. People must know it’s going up for salsa.” (should have been sale)
  • “The tornado missed us by 3.5 mules.” (should have been 3.5 miles)
  • “All day I have been singing “All I want for Christmas is a hippocampus” (should have been hippopotamus)”

I can’t decide which one is the funniest! For the first one, I think all real estate agents should know that, apparently, salsa is a very big draw for an open house. For the second one, depending upon how big the mules are, it sure sounds as if the tornado was close! For the third one, a hippocampus is a VERY important part of our brains, so I’m sort of leaning towards that one . . .


#1 – Walking Closet

#2 – Salsa

#3 – Mules

#4 – Hippocampus

Please comment on all of them! 🤣

8 thoughts on “Laughs for the New Year”

  1. Happy New Year to all!

    Love these!!! Of course, who doesn’t need a walking closet? Laundry would be done more more efficiently.

    Realtors, Yes! All homes should come with salsa. Think about throwing in some chips for good measure. (Good measure?!). Keep those referrals coming.

    The winner I chose, however, is the tornado measured in ‘mules’. I’m not from tornado alley so that sounds like a perfectly reasonable measure of distance for that part of the country.

  2. Where oh where do you find these sillies? Not sure I can pick “best.” They all tickled my funny bone(s). But due to my home move in the last year, I have to go with either walking closet or salsa! Can’t narrow it down any further than that.

  3. Happy New Year! I am looking forward to more word fun and learning in 2022. As for picking a winner, I have to go with the walking closet, since I would find that both useful and kind of creepy at the same time. LOL!

  4. #1 Walking Closet is the funniest 😀

    There is a whole subreddit dedicated to this kind of typo:

    Bone apple tea = Bon apetit 😛

  5. I’d have to pick “hippocampus” because the word is funny all by itself. I think you could just say “hippocampus” to a a five year old and they’d laugh…just like some other words that carry the same silly power. We all know those words!

  6. All of your comments made me laugh out loud!! I love your sense of humor!
    Cindi, I now wonder about expressions in various areas of the country – perhaps directions are given using mules! “Go down about 30 mules, then turn left.” Sounds quite possible! And now that I think about it, “salsa” could also include the music style, yes? Who wouldn’t want to stop in at a house with fun music and food? “Good measure” – sounds like a future cliche corner topic!
    Carol, all of these are either from texts I have received or emails and texts that friends have told me. Although I am definitely going to check out the link that Eric mentioned (a very well-named link, btw), I try to only use personal experiences in my blogs and seminars (like the funny signs I am including in a future seminar or book).
    Laura, I completely agree about a walking closet being both useful and creepy. I forget enough stuff as it is, I think it would drive me crazy to wonder “Where did I put that closet?” And I think a real estate agent needs to be careful if advertising a “master bedroom with walking closet” because that closet could very well be somewhere else by the time the prospective buyer views the home . . .
    Mary Pat, I completely agree that a five-year old would think “hippocampus” would be the funniest word in the world! A pretty cool word, now that I think about it – both fun to say and extremely important!
    I’m going to keep the contest running for a few more days to see how many other votes come in. I’m impressed that all four choices received votes! Looking forward to another year of “oops, that’s not what I meant” words!


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