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Thank you to Laura Beth and Mary Pat for contributing to our first ‘cliche’ discussion. I had no idea how “fit as a fiddle” might have started – those energetic fiddle players! And Laura Beth noted that: When you die, you “pass,” “kick the bucket,” “go to sleep,” “go home,” and “give up the ghost.”  Shortly afterward, the deceased will be “pushing up daisies.”

Here is a cliche I saw recently in a crossword puzzle: “Done to a tee” (or is it supposed to be “done to a T”?).

I know it means to be done perfectly, but why to a “T” or “tee”?

Who can come up with the funniest reason?

2 thoughts on “Cliche Corner”

  1. It has to be British. Finishing a job is fine. Doing it correctly is better. But doing it so perfectly and quickly that you have time for tea afterwards is best. Thus things done well are done to a ‘tea,’ then they got lazy and called it just T.


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