Things I Think About – Double Numbers

Things I Think About – While Swimming . . .

You all know that I like to wonder about things. Most of the time, I don’t even want to know the real reason ‘behind the curtain,’ I just like to ponder and guess at how something started, or who thought of an idea. I marvel at people who create something that seems so obvious after-the-fact. Like toilet paper holders that don’t use that bar with coil inside that you have to squish to fit into the holder, but a simple bar that is easy to tilt to remove or add paper – brilliant! I’m also amazed at all of the different types of carriers on workers’ vans. Holders for ladders, and lawn equipment, and – my favorite – holders for glass that are tilted inward at the top (I’m guessing for aerodynamic purposes?).

I guess what I am really saying is that my mind wanders. One down side to thinking about who-know-what is that I forget what I am doing. An example is when I am swimming. As I have increased the laps I swim, I forget what number I just finished, so I finally came up with a way to keep track. I just try to remember which ‘double number’ I have already counted. If I have already counted “22,” but I don’t remember counting “33” that day, then I know I’m still in the twenties. But here’s something I don’t think I ever realized. Did you know that every double number is exactly 11 numbers apart? I figured that’s because 11 is the first double number, so it decided it was the most important and took charge, telling all of the other double numbers they were going to have 11 as part of their number. Who knew that 11 was the ruler of numbers? 😄

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  1. Carol, your comment made ME smile; thank you :).
    And Susan, your comment made me realize I had, once again, not been as clear as I could be with my statements. I agree that 10 is the first “double-digit” number. When I used the words, “double number,” I meant double-digit numbers that are the same (11, 22, 33, etc). But that’s not what I said, so thank you for helping me work on my communication skills! 🙃

  2. So fun following your random thoughts and pondering your open-ended questions. Gives me a break from my own. Keep them coming!gmail.

    • It’s nice to hear from you, Cindi, and thank you for encouraging me to continue sharing my weird thoughts! The other subscribers might not agree with you, though . . . Oh, well, too late! Once a month zaniness heading your way! ðŸĪŠ


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