Homonyms Confusion Online – Computer Doesn’t Help

Hello, all!

Thank you to everyone who responded with homonym misspellings in September! I found a few more from webinar announcements, and I was emailed several other online misspellings that clearly fall into my “SpellCheck Won’t Help You” chapter of an upcoming book about Persuasive Communications.

What about these examples? They REALLY made me want to volunteer to edit their words before they went online . . . Did you see any misspellings like these? Please let me know and I will include them in my book!

“The lease agreement states that residents and their guests are not to disrupt other residents, use fowl language, or abuse alcohol in the amenity areas.” [Funny thoughts about what “fowl” language sounds like :)]

Instructions to obtain online credit: “You bust respond to the poll questions.” [Oh, dear]

Real estate agent to title agent/closer: “We request a closing extinction.” [oops – meant to say a closing “extension,” but if they really want to cancel the closing, well, that’s another discussion. . . ]

And my favorite so far, again from a real estate agent: “The house includes a walking closet.” 🤣

3 thoughts on “Homonyms Confusion Online – Computer Doesn’t Help”

  1. Those are great! I need a walking closet that will walk around my house and gather up all the clutter, kind of like a robot vacuum but bigger. While I am dreaming, it needs to be like the Tardis on Dr Who and be bigger on the inside than on the outside. LOL!

    • LOL, indeed, Laura! How cool would it be to have a “walking” closet of flexible size (especially if company is heading your way)!
      Thanks to Pam for the real estate agent contributions 😉.

  2. A friend just emailed me this great example of homonym confusion – enjoy!
    “Avocados taste great in salads and dips. They can even add creaminess to deserts.” (Hopefully, the sand doesn’t get into the food . . . 🤣)


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