Homonyms in These Strange Times

Communicating online instead of in person means spelling is extra important – especially when words sound the same but are spelled differently. Here are a couple of examples I have seen recently. While I take the rest of September off from posting, I’d love it if you all would look for other misspelled homonyms and post your findings by commenting to this post (or emailing me at [email protected]). I’ll be back in October, posting the first and third Wednesday of each month (keeping the Words Wednesdays theme). Enjoy!

“No, it is not two late to register.”

“Inside you’ll find details about how to join and participate in the networking events, steps necessary for earning CE/CLE credits, your conference tote bag, and fun gifts that you can’t open before the networking events. No peaking!” (So many responses to this misspelling . . . lol).

My favorite so far: “The lease agreement states that residents and their guests are not to disrupt other residents, use fowl language, or abuse alcohol in the amenity areas.”

3 thoughts on “Homonyms in These Strange Times”

  1. I really dislike homonyms — especially in email or text responses. Seems to me to generally be auto-correct combined with proofreading laziness. Does anyone proofread before hitting the “send” button?

    See you their.


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