Mr. Smiles® and the Power of Smiles


Book 2 of the Mr. Smiles®  Stories

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Book 2 of the Mr. Smiles®  Stories

Mr. Smiles® shows Billy how a smile can make other people feel better, too.

Mr. Smiles® stories – Read with your child or listen to them read these stories to help them learn how to manage negative situations. For ages 3-10.

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2 reviews for Mr. Smiles® and the Power of Smiles

  1. Customer

    I really enjoyed reading this book with my son. We have a friend down in South Florida who has been in an assisted living facility for years now, and I tried to take the kids there once a week for a visit for a long time. My son would talk freely about his interests and seem to genuinely enjoy speaking with her. Since we moved and he’s gotten older, I’ve noticed that selfishness has crept in and the few times we’ve been down for a visit, he groans about going because ‘it’s boring.’

  2. Customer

    It meant so much to her to have visitors, and you were right – everyone there smiles at the children when they come. It brings such joy to them. I think this is a great idea to push with young people in general. For most kids, they go to school most days of the year with other kids their same age and really don’t have much interaction with people of other generations outside their families. I think it’s good for children to understand that there is so much to learn from those who come before us. I think this book would be a great tool for younger elementary students to understand the importance of being a community that respects and learns from the older generations. It’s my fault for not reminding my son of the importance of respecting and visiting with the elderly at times, and I’ve noticed that as he gets older, it becomes easier to become self absorbed and less thoughtful of others. This book was a nice reminder that spending time being thoughtful of people in a lesser situation than yourself is priceless in the long run.

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