Mr. Smiles® and the Listening Lesson


Book 3 of the Mr. Smiles®  Stories

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Book 3 of the Mr. Smiles®  Stories

Mr. Smiles® and Billy discover that smiling may not fit every occasion.

Mr. Smiles® stories – Read with your child or listen to them read these stories to help them learn how to manage negative situations. For ages 3-10.

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English, Spanish

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    My son really enjoyed this book, and he was able to relate immediately! He just started baseball last week and he’s super excited. He has a lot of learning to do, so reading this book NOW was really helpful. We were able to discuss the importance of paying attention and respecting his coach in order to learn well and play his best. He was able to recognize how important it is to be “serious” when listening to coach, and he even contrasted that by telling me of a kid on his younger brother’s T-ball team who digs holes in the outfield during the games when he should be listening. I was then able to bring that idea back home and make him understand how important it is to also pay me the same respect he would his baseball coach. Again, this book would be great for younger and older elementary school aged children. It’s not only important for kids to listen for their sake (e.g. improving their baseball skills, or learning how to love their siblings better), but it’s also important for kids to understand how much it impacts other people when you not only “hear” them speaking, but actually “listen” to what they’re saying. No one likes an audience who is tapping their feet and staring out the window when you’re trying to relay something important to them.

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