Where’s My Money?™

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A Lesson in Cyber Crime



Book 1 of the Title World Tales™ – Fictional accounts of real estate fraud from a title insurance agent’s perspective

Our title agent, Marina Edwards, confronts cyber fraud – from the buyer wiring funds to a fraudster to her title agency receiving fraudulent emails. Read this story to learn how hackers get into your emails and how to avoid falling for their tricks!

Title World Tales™ are stories of real estate fraud from a title insurance agent’s perspective. Based in Florida, there are plenty of tales to tell!

The ideas for the Title World Tales™ come from my over thirty years in the title insurance business in Florida – in search and exam, claims, underwriting, closing, and corporate departments for agents and insurers – while hearing many many stories from seminar audiences.

All of the Title World Tales™ are based on real scenarios, although the people and most of the scenes are of the author’s imagination.


“I enjoyed your book. It’s scary out there!” – Gene Moore, Esq.

“I thought the story was excellent!” – Pam Potenza

4 reviews for Where’s My Money?™

  1. Gene Moore, Esq.

    I enjoyed your book. It’s scary out there!

  2. Pam Potenza

    I thought the story was excellent!

  3. Ashley Lainhart

    Cyber crime is no joke! Worth the read!

    • Barbara Burke

      Thanks, Ashley!
      Unfortunately, I agree that cyber crime is everywhere. The latest I saw was fraudsters offering “jobs” to college students, spoofing college email addresses to make the emails look real.
      And there are more fraud types to explore in future stories!

  4. Laura Beth Faragasso (verified owner)

    Both “Where’s My Money” and “Who Am I” are great, quick reads and provide eye-opening glimpses into the many identity theft and fraudulent financial schemes that are so prevalent today. Makes you want to deal in cash only and never turn on a computer! Thanks for giving us this insight.

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