Who Am I?™

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Identity Theft Strikes Again!



Book 2 of the Title World Tales™ – Fictional accounts of real estate fraud from a title insurance agent’s perspective

A customer’s ID is stolen. A spouse’s signature may be forged. Read on to discover what happens next and why proof of identity is such a crucial requirement in the title insurance world.

Title World Tales™ are stories of real estate fraud from a title insurance agent’s perspective. Based in Florida, there are plenty of tales to tell!

The ideas for the Title World Tales™ come from my over thirty years in the title insurance business in Florida – in search and exam, claims, underwriting, closing, and corporate departments for agents and insurers – while hearing many many stories from seminar audiences.

All of the Title World Tales™ are based on real scenarios, although the people and most of the scenes are of the author’s imagination.

1 review for Who Am I?™

  1. john

    this you must read!!

    • Barbara Burke

      Thanks, John. I’m glad you found this story interesting and informative!

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