How Mr. Smiles® Got His Name


Book 1 of the Mr. Smiles®  Stories

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Book 1 of the Mr. Smiles®  Stories

Mr. Smiles® helps Billy feel happy, even when he is sad.

Mr. Smiles® stories – Read with your child or listen to them read these stories to help them learn how to manage negative situations. For ages 3-10.

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5 reviews for How Mr. Smiles® Got His Name

  1. Customer

    My son and I both have read How Mr. Smiles Got His Name. I really liked the size of the book. I know that sounds silly, but I hate it when books cannot fit on a bookshelf, which is a problem with a lot of children’s books. The book fit his reading level perfectly, and he’s been reading at a 3rd/4th grade level. I asked Eli what he really liked about the book, and he said he liked the fact that the boy wasn’t as sad at the end of the story.

  2. Customer

    Our daughter was having an off day and was just on edge. Having read your book, I wanted to take the opportunity to read it to her and asked if I could do so. With slight hesitation she obliged. It seemed to cheer her up, make her think, and also offered comfort as she went to sleep. When it was time for bed the next evening she asked if I could read it again to her. As a parent, “thank you” and from our daughter, “thank you.”! P.S. She’s asked for a sequel! She’s 9, 3rd grade.

  3. Customer

    My daughter and I spent some time reading the How Mr. Smiles Got His Name book this morning. She is 2 1/2 and this was a great book to talk about emotions. They are learning a lot at school about happy, sad, mad, etc. She was able to answer most of the questions in the book, like when you’re sad, you cry, and when you’re happy, you smile and laugh. I didn’t have her color the book yet, but I really love that idea (not many books out there like that).

  4. Customer

    I read Vol 1 of Mr Smiles and it is so good! Can’t wait to share it. By the way, I am trying to take Mr. Smiles’ advice as an adult. Even though I don’t feel good, I am trying to smile, and it is making me feel better.

  5. Customer

    What I liked about your book – it was telling people that, even if you’re sad, you can fix that by thinking happy thoughts. And I was thinking that you could have a series, and I could have the whole collection!

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